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Wednesday Newsflash - 7/19/2017

Ricardo’s pick : I’d kill for her

The Black Angels just released a new video clip for their song I’d Kill for Her. Trippy visual and psychedelic says it all about the new album “Death Song”. The songs talks about a “mesmerizing” woman taking you to the dark side, which sticks perfectly to the colorful yet frightening trails coming from every object. They’ll be on a world tour starting in September.


who's teasing: Arcade fire tease

Are Arcade Fire being a tease? They’ve released 4 singles before the album “Everything Now”, although it’s due to release on July 28. They’ve led us on, releasing yet another video clip 5 days ago. Electric Blue, we have to admit, is pretty awesome, just like the other singles Sign of Life, Creature Confort and Everything Now. They leave us wanting, and now we’re hungry for a new album.

Wednesday newsflash - 7/12/2017

Who you'll love : Hawaii isn't that far

Our good friends, Barcelona based band Honolulu just released a new song. Psychedelic sounding French duo will get you caught in a dream. Trust us, you won't stop playing them on repeat!

@Honolulu #Talent


Who's Back : the breeders never get old

Get your tickets now! The Breeders just announced a new US tour this fall and you don’t want to miss them. Their last album Mountain Battle came out almost 10 years ago, and we sure did enjoy it. Hopefully they’re working on new stuff!

@TheBreeders #NewTour


what's new : Waxahatchee is sad and angry

Waxahatchee’s second album is out on Friday, but we’ve already heard three new songs. “It’s sad and it’s angry” Crutchfield says of her writing on Storm. The two teasers No Curse and Silver picks through the ashes of a bad breakup. But apparently ending the relationship has left her stronger than ever.

@Waxahatchee #NewAlbum


Watch it : Jawbreaker documentary Don't break down

So you thought it was impossible to have something in between Greenday and Nirvana? You might want to watch the documentary about punk band Jawbreaker, featuring interviews from band members, producer Steve Albini, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett, and others. More good news, they’ll also be performing at Riot Fest later this year.

                                                            @Jawbreaker #NewMovie


What's new : Gordon Raphael's single

Remember the Strokes and their game-changing debut album? Recorded and produced by highly sought-after new-yorker Gordon Raphael, Is This It, redefined the music landscape, netting various accolades including NME’s album of the decade. And now the man behind the desk has stepped out to give us a taste of his own music, a diverse and eclectic couple of singles, starting with View from Blue and now Savage. Less direct than the Strokes but nonetheless very rewarding listen, Raphael is an artist in his own rights with something to say. Do yourself a favor!

Who's going solo : Liam Ghallager is on his own

Liam Ghallager love or loath him, LG is certainly entertaining which is probably the best way to describe his first single as a bona fide solo artist. The mancunian channels late era Oasis to deliver a tune that has enough emotional call to keep you interested before the big chorus. Second song (is this a single?) Chinatown is a more low-key affair, with the best part saved for the bridge. Good to have him back, even if it’s just for quotes.


Who's as good as he's always been :Mac demarco's is an old dog

His last performance proves this wrong. His great songwriting and scruffy persona makes the canadian singer irresistible. You can check out his undeniable talent in this video of his last performance, in which “Old dog” made us proud of this generation’s music. His personal charm extends through his wistful songs, a guaranteed pick-me-upper.


Who’s back : Ride’s return

Well it's 2017 and you wouldn't be mistaken for thinking it was 1997, particularly if you've just put on Ride's comeback album Weather Diaries, their first release since 1996's Tarantula. The boys have stuck firmly to their roots, offering a lush mix of shoegazey pop, layered guitars and energetic drum beats. Much like your favourite old jumper, this fits just right. Dig a little further than upbeat singles Charm Assault and Lannoy Point and you'll be duly rewarded. Welcome back lads!


@Rideox4 #GladYou’reBack


What happened : Broken Melody

We're sorry to hear French psych-pop singer Melody’s Echo Chamber was badly injured. Due to her serious accident, the tour was canceled. She had announced a new album in April and we’re eager to listen to it. Hopefully she’ll be back on stage soon! And who knows...maybe Kevin Park will be there too!


@melodyprochet #GetWellSoon

What coming out soon : Other Music :The Story Of An Iconic Independent Record Store

Wondering how Interpol, Vampire Weekend, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs made it this far? Well, be on the lookout for this captivating new documentary you might just love. Other Music, a famous independent record store in New York tells us its story and how artists like The Strokes rocketed to fame in a bubbling music city. Feel free to help them finish the music : their Kickstarter campaign might make the wait shorter!




Wednesday newsflash - 6/21/16

What we’re excited about: Queens of the Stone Age releasing new album

They haven’t released an album for four years, but now they’re back to blow us away. Josh Homme chose “Villains” as a name for the records ; we’ll see if the bad boy and his crew can get any better!

#NewAlbum #VillainsAreGood @QOTSO


Who’s birthday is it :  Icky Thump is 10 already

Do you remember listening to the White Stripe’s trashy yet deliciously catchy classic? Well, that was ten years ago...and there reedition will be out soon!

#You’reGettingOld #ThrowBack @TheWhiteStripes

Who you’ll like :  Ruby Cube like Lobsters...and cherries

French band Ruby Cube have caught our attention this week. You might think of Foals or Metronomy, but these 5 friends do sure stand out. Their single Lobsters and Cherries came out a year ago, and it’s worth checking it out!

#WeLike @RubyCube

Wednesday newsflash - 6/14/16

Who we (already) miss: Chris Cornell tribute

It’s been two weeks and we’re still all very shocked. Rock n roll legend passed away, leaving us with just the memory of his smooth voice and rocking tunes.


Who we loved: Pond at festival primavera

Were you there? If not, make sure not to miss their next gig because you will most definitely love them on stage. The crowd was thrilled by their energy, especially when performing “Man it feels like space again”. And wow, who wouldn’t go crazy seeing Nick Allbrook throw down a riff? Nobody will ever break their cool.


What we’re excited about: The Warlocks are back.

We're super excited to welcome The Warlocks back to our shores next month. The LA quintet have a new album out which is as intimate as it is rocking, and going by their last show here it'll be a good one!